succeed in english - grade 9

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Title information succeed in english - grade 9
Dimensions (H x W x L) : 0.78 x 7.68 x 9.84 inches
Shipping Wtg Shipping Wtg: 0.67 Kg
ISBN10 9994948017
ISBN13 9789994948017

sixteen-year-old horace (ace) hobart is dreading his first day of high school in new york city. what's worse is that he has to cover an ugly-looking sty with an eyepatch, and can't find anything to wear but a red satin jacket with a dragon on the back. his younger sister further aggravates his fears with her warning about the purple falcons, the roughest gang in school. but the gang isn't out to get him; they want him to join them! ace starts to hang out with the beautiful raven, and he and the gang are asked to star in a film about teen violence. when the rival gang finds out, not even kidnapping will stop them from getting a piece of the movie action. life is crazy as ace tries to make peace between two tough city gangs.

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