such a good mother

such a good mother A
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  • Brand/Author: thakar helen monks
  • ISBN 13: 9780008340230
  • Publisher : hq
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Title information such a good mother
Format ? 416 pages Pages
Publisher hq
Dimensions (H x W x L) : 1.5484 x 0.2258 x 1.0259 inches
Shipping Wtg Shipping Wtg: 0.27 Kg
Language ENGLISH
ISBN10 ?
ISBN13 9780008340230

some things are too perfect to be true…‘a sharp, compelling take on modern motherhood’ heat‘a nail-biting, dark thriller’ platinum‘fiendishly entertaining… a suspenseful and unsettling cautionary tale' publishers weekly***rose o’connell aspires to be the perfect mother.

and when she receives an unexpected invitation into the circle, an elite clique of beautiful, wealthy and connected mums at her son’s exclusive school, it seems her dreams are about to come true.

every mother would kill for an invitation, and once she joins, rose’s social status soars.

but what is each woman hiding beneath her immaculate exterior?why did a previous member take their own life?and why have they singled out unassuming rose to take her place?rose is about to find out that darkness lies at the heart of the circle.

and it’s far too late to run…from the author of that woman comes a razor-sharp, dark and nail-bitingly gripping new thriller.

dare you enter the circle?––readers love such a good mother‘enthralling, chilling, compulsive… keeps the reader gripped from start to finish, an absolute must-read for fans of thrillers’‘you will be hanging off every word as the story evolves and goes from dark to pitch black’‘a deliciously wicked ride’‘the ending is just brilliant, i was completely shocked… you will be hanging on every word as the story unfolds.

i couldn’t put it down.

a great page turner!’‘a well-written dark read with plenty of twists’‘this will have you on the edge of your seat for sure!’‘oh my goodness, not for the faint-hearted.

a must-read for anyone who loves the thriller genre’‘will leave you itching to get to the end.

there are so many twists & turns you don’t see coming as it’s a story of manipulation & deceit on a whole new other level!’ read more.

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