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  • Brand/Author: walliams david
  • ISBN 13: 9780008588816
  • Publisher : harper collins children's books
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Title information spaceboy
Format ? 368 pages Pages
Publisher harper collins children's books
Dimensions (H x W x L) : 1.2774 x 0.1806 x 0.8324 inches
Shipping Wtg Shipping Wtg: 0.27 Kg
Language ENGLISH
ISBN10 ?
ISBN13 9780008588816

go back to the space race with no.

1 bestselling author david walliams for a breathless cinematic adventure full of mystery, action, laughs and surprises – and a secret that could change the course of history…america.

the 1960s.

stuck on a remote farm with her awful aunt, twelve-year-old orphan ruth spends every night gazing at the stars, dreaming of adventure.

one night she spots a flying saucer blazing across the sky… before crash-landing in a field.

when the spaceship opens and reveals a mysterious alien, all ruth’s dreams come true.

but does this visitor from another planet have a giant secret?spaceboy is a hilarious and action-packed tale for readers in any solar system.

david walliams was most recently children’s #1 bestseller with the world's worst pets (tcm chart: 30 april 2022)david walliams' book 'the world’s worst monsters' was a sunday times bestseller w/c 18-09-2023.

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