the eye of the world

the eye of the world A
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  • Brand/Author: jordan robert
  • ISBN 13: 9780356517001
  • Publisher : orbit
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Title information the eye of the world
Format ? 816 pages Pages
Publisher orbit
Dimensions (H x W x L) : 1.271 x 0.3289 x 0.8258 inches
Shipping Wtg Shipping Wtg: 0.55 Kg
Language ENGLISH
ISBN10 ?
ISBN13 9780356517001

now a major tv series on prime video prepare to turn the wheel of time - discover the first novel in one of the most influential and popular fantasy epics ever published.

when their village is attacked by terrifying creatures, rand al'thor and his friends are forced to flee for their lives.

an ancient evil is stirring, and its servants are scouring the land for the dragon reborn - the prophesised hero who can deliver the world from darkness.

in this age of myth and legend, the wheel of time turns.

what was, what may be, and what is, may yet fall under the shadow.

one of time magazine's top 100 fantasy books of all time'epic in every sense' - sunday times'with the wheel of time, jordan has come to dominate the world that tolkien began to reveal' new york times'[the] huge ambitious wheel of time series helped redefine the genre' george r.


martin'a fantasy phenomenon' sfxthe wheel of time series:book 1: the eye of the worldbook 2: the great huntbook 3: the dragon rebornbook 4: the shadow risingbook 5: the fires of heavenbook 6: lord of chaosbook 7: a crown of swordsbook 8: the path of daggersbook 9: winter's heartbook 10: crossroads of twilightbook 11: knife of dreamsbook 12: the gathering stormbook 13: towers of midnightbook 14: a memory of lightprequel: new springlook out for the companion book: the world of robert jordan's the wheel of timealso look out for the complete wheel of time box set, a box set containing all fifteen novels in this monumental series, presented in a sturdy box with a wood-finish effect.

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