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  • Brand/Author: kondo marie
  • ISBN 13: 9781785041020
  • Publisher : vermilion london
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Title information spark joy
Format ? 304 pages Pages
Publisher vermilion london
Dimensions (H x W x L) : 7.27 x 1.01 x 5.22 inches
Shipping Wtg Shipping Wtg: 0.32 Kg
Language ENGLISH
ISBN10 ?
ISBN13 9781785041020

new york times bestseller • the star of the hit netflix series tidying up with marie kondo and author of the life-changing magic of tidying up helps you visualize your ideal lifestyle.

japanese decluttering guru marie kondo has revolutionized homes—and lives—across the world.

now, kondo presents an illustrated guide to usingher acclaimed konmari method to create a joy-filled home that works the way you need it to.

spark joy features step-by-step folding illustrations for everything from shirts to socks, plus drawings of perfectly organized drawers and closets.

kondo also answers frequently asked questions, such as whether to keep “necessary” items that may not bring you joy.

with guidance on specific categories including kitchen tools, cleaning supplies, hobby goods, digital photos, and even building your own personal “power spot” in your home, this comprehensive companion is sure to spark joy in anyone who wants to simplify their life.

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